Africa’s Silicon Landscapes:
Negotiating Information
and Communication Technology
in Lagos

Discover Lagostech

Understanding Interactions
Between Society and ICTs
in African Silicon Places

through Sociocultural Anthropology, African Studies, and STS

Explore the broader socio-cultural reasons underpinning the development of Lagos’ technological nodes and their manifestation in everyday life, focusing on the social negotiation dynamics through which Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are accepted, altered, or rejected, ultimately influencing the emergence or disappearance of African tech communities.

Through ethnographic methods, uncover how various stakeholders within the technological ecosystem, including tech entrepreneurs, experts, users, and consumers, envision their digital futures and act upon the present.

Reassess narratives surrounding ICTs in Africa and cultivate enhanced collaboration between global and sub-Saharan African stakeholders.

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Davide Casciano picture

Principal Researcher

Katrien Pype photo

Supervisor, KU Leuven

Jan English-Lueck

Supervisor, SJSU